IMHere 9.0.3 - MSN and Yahoo on your mobile

IMHere is a chat application that supports online messaging for MSN and Yahoo. with this program you can chatting with your friends and exchange photos made with your camera-mobile and Add a text or drawing to your photo with the unique Snap&Sketch feature.

MSN (Windows Live Messenger) instant messenging

Yahoo instant messenging
Invite contacts
Add/remove contacts
Send email to contacts
Snap and send personlized photos using the new Snap&Sketch (not supported by the Lite version)
Receive and view photos
Google Maps: See where you are and send your location to your buddies. They will receive a link to a Google Map. Other options: See where your buddies are, find addresses and businesses.

IMHere runs on most java phones and on most RIM Blackberries.

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