Sun Systems for MySQL

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Sun Systems for MySQL - Full Speed, Not Full Cost

Watch the on-demand web event at to learn how you can improve your Web services performance, scale for growth, and experience ease of deployment with the best infrastructure for delivering Web services. Unlike other providers, Sun Systems for MySQL are changing the economics of Web service deployment by bringing together key technologies to triple transaction volume, support millions of users and use up to one-third less power and space. For enterprise organizations deploying MySQL-based Web services, Sun is the only provider to exploit advances in system design for delivering the best infrastructure.
Improve performance by over 50% and reduce database size by close to 40%
Reduce hosting costs using 3x fewer servers to support growth
Achieve 2x expandability in 50% of the space of competitive x86 platforms

Event: Sun Systems for MySQL
Date : November 5, 2008
Time : On-demand - anytime

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