Bekerja dengan wordpress offline menggunakan xampp

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1. Download and extract xampp at
2. Download and extract wordpress at
3. Copy xampp to program file directory in your computer
4. Open folder xampp
5. Open folder htdocs
6. Copy all wordpress folder to htdocs folder
7. Open wordpress folder in htdocs folder
8. Open file wp-config-sample.php in notepad or wordpad
9. Modify “define(’DB_USER’, ‘username’);” to “define(’DB_USER’, ‘root’);”
10.Modify “define(’DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password’)” to “define(’DB_PASSWORD’, ‘’)”
11.Save as file with name: wp-config.php
12.Now back and open xampp folder
13.Click setup_xampp.bat
14.Click apache_start.bat
15.Click mysql_start.bat
16.Open your browser and type or http://localhost
17.Click phpMyAdmin and type “wordpress” in Create New Database field
18.Open new window browser and type
19.Click first step instal.php
20.Click second step login but before notes the username and pasword that given
21.Open your browser than type
22.Login to admin area using the login account username and password
23.Now you can start to play with wordpress offline

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