What is ClamMail ?

About October 2004 I needed a free antivirus software for my business. I found a lot of free antivirus lite versions but no one free for internal usage in small or medium sized firm. After searching a while I realized that it is probably impossible to find such program.Then I found ClamAV and Windows (based on Cygwin) version - ClamWin.Great!.

But unfortunately I couldn't use it. The practical limit for package size was 1MB due to slow dial-up connection. That is why i started porting ClamAV to Windows , but not using Cygwin or Interix compatibility layer, only pure Win32 API.And this ...succeeded!.You can find my port at ClamAV pure Windows port

Now I'm slowly preparing small in size antivirus package,and the first program is exactly ClamMail and the second - ClamLite.
ClamMail is small POP3 proxy with integrated ClamAV engine (libclamav) which first purpose was to replace old commercial antivirus proxy not working well. ClamMail components packed for Windows 98 are below 1MB in size together (installer is bigger becouse NT/XP service and translations are also inside).

ClamMail is not related to ClamWin and is not a product of ClamWin developers.

ClamLite is small GUI application with integrated libclamav.dll engine to quickly detect and remove malwares from system.
It doesn't contain advanced features like quarantine but some other useful like option to shutdown system after scan.



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