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Re: window s 8 consumer problem with hp laserjet p1005

Really Thanks God
i Found solution of this problem Randomly only by praying :smileyhappy:
The solution
Connect The p1005 printer to a pc have windows 7 and print a page with it and get the cable connected to windows 8 after that and go to control panel > hardware and sounds > Device and printer > hp laser jet p1005 Right click > Printer properties > ports > uncheck bidirectional support then press ok and print ,, it works :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy:
Note : after doing the pervious steps if u turned the printer off u will need to connect it to windows 7 pc again and print and connect it to windows 8 it will work without the pervious steps //
it seems like if windows 7 gives it information that is reseted after turn it off
we wish windows 8 to solve this problem nearly
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