Best offline Android games !!

There are still plenty of places untouched by the enlightening hands of the internet. If you and your Android device end up in one of these dark places, you may start feeling anxious and alienated from the world around you. But don't panic, because we have the solution right here, in the form of the best offline Android games to see you through when the internet is down.

You Must Build A Boat

In this sequel to the fantastic 10000000, you travel the world in your humble boat, building it up into a formidable vessel by fighting monsters, catching them in a Pokemon-esque fashion, seeking treasure, and recruiting new crew members. It's a challenging and utterly compelling game that justifies the creation of the word, 'unputdownable'. Adding to the endless appeal of the game are randomly generated dungeons, and a unique combat system that relies on Candy Crush-like tile-sliding - it's an absolute must-play.
androidpit you must build a boat
You Must Build A Boat is a deep and beautiful game beneath a simple pixellated exterior. / © ANDROIDPIT

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Starting its life on the PC, Cook, Serve, Delicious devoured gamers with its compelling fast-paced gameplay, catchy theme tune and charming visual style. In this game, you're a cook/restaurant owner in a high-rise building, making food and serving people. It may sound mundane, but it's one of the most high-octane games around, as you'll often have to take several orders at once while also trying to clean the dishes or set mouse-traps. As you progress, you can buy new equipment, food-stuffs, and eventually get your restaurant to a five-star rating. It's fantastic for those fifteen-minute sessions.
Experience the chaotic career of a cook in this deliciously fun cook-em-up. / © Vertigo Gaming
Cook, Serve, Delicious! Install on Google Play

Punch Quest

This vibrant, chaotic game became an instant hit when it landed in the Play Store. Finally, an action platform game that didn't force you to awkwardly hold down on the screen to move your character, focusing instead on just tapping buttons to punch and jump while your character automatically runs across the screen. The visual design is fantastic, recalling classic platformers like Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Metal Slug. Customize your character, level up, and even ride a dinosaur in this psychedelic punch-out.
androidpit punch quest
Some of the best fast-paced fun you'll have in an Android game. / © Noodlecake Studios
Punch Quest Install on Google Play

EA Sports UFC

Forget those oiled-up clowns and pantomime villains on WWE. UFC may also be filled with sweaty men in pants and suplexes, but the difference is that these men are actually trying to hurt each other. Of course, it makes little difference in a game where you're trying to beat up your opponent either way, but there are plenty who'll be excited by the arrival of the world's most popular mixed martial arts organization on Android. The graphics are great, fighters and arenas are fully licensed, and the gameplay is fist-clenchingly good. Best of all, if you're playing this offline, you avoid being tempted by EA's traditionally extortionate in-app purchases, which cost as much as £69.99.
androidpit ea sports ufc
Split some skulls in EA Sports' realistic official UFC game. / © ELECTRONIC ARTS
EA SPORTS™ UFC Install on Google Play

Swing Copters

The day has finally arrived. Enough of these useless Flappy Bird clones and ripoffs. Swing Copters is the latest game from the makers of Flappy Bird, and it's here to infuriate and consume us with its simplistic graphics and its stiff, tappy gameplay. It's a similar principle to Flappy Bird, but this time you're what appears to be a potato with a helicopter hat, and instead of moving left to right, you're moving up the screen while trying to avoid swinging hammers. It's just as addictive as Flappy Bird, free, and lets you unlock characters by winning medals.
swing copters
Uh-oh, the people who brought us Flappy Bird are back to cause widespread addiction and frustration. / © ANDROIDPIT
Swing Copters Install on Google Play

X-Men: Days of Future Past

It's been a long time coming, but Android gamers finally get to dig into Marvel's side-scrolling beat-em-up. With no internet connection needed and no in-app purchases, once you buy the game you get the full package and can start powering through beautifully drawn environments as your favorite Marvel superheroes.
The game not only offers fast-paced, superpower-filled gameplay, but also pays tribute to Marvel's illustrious history by peppering the levels with secret lore items, such as character bios, concept art and classic comic book covers. A must-have for Marvel fans, and well worth a look for anyone looking to have some
androidpit xmen days future past
Play as your favorite Marvel superheroes in X-Men: Days of Future Past. / © Glitchsoft Games
X-Men: Days of Future Past Install on Google Play


There's something very ironic about playing Limbo all on your lonesome, because it's a game that oozes loneliness, sadness and isolation. In this 2D platformer, you control a young boy who's entered a bleak monochromatic world in search of his sister. Limbo is a classic PC indie game that's been ported with great care onto Android. Limbo's world is sad, eerie and beautiful, and playing it you'll soon be too immersed in its enigmatic story to care about the fact that you don't have an internet connection.
At first glance, Limbo looks like the stuff of nightmares, but it's actually one of the more poignant Android games out there. / © Playdead

Monument Valley

We don't have an award for the game that appears most times in our 'best Android games' lists, but if we did then the winner would be Monument Valley. The perspective-bending puzzle game recently was voted best game of 2014 at the 11th International Mobile Gaming Awards, and deservedly so.  Your goal is to guide a princess through beautifully designed Escher-like levels by changing the perspective to help her get through buildings and past obstacles. It's utterly hypnotic.
androidpit monument valley best game
Monument Valley has won numerous awards for its beautiful design and mind-bending puzzles. / © ANDROIDPIT / ustwo

Knights of Pen and Paper +1

Indie Game Festival award winner Knights of Pen and Paper is a pixellated role-playing game bearing heavy similarity to your classic Dungeons and Dragons type dice game (hence the title).
You control a group of young kids playing a dungeon crawling tabletop game, with each of their personalities mimicking one of a cast of traditional RPG characters. While the characters remain at the table in the foreground, the background changes as you journey through a fantasy land, fighting monsters, finding loot and levelling up.
It’s a pretty 'meta' idea - playing an RPG of people playing an RPG - and the +1 version has been updated to add even more content to an already brilliant game.
Don't let the 8-bit graphics put you off the awesome Knights of Pen and Paper +1. / © Paradox Interactive
Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Install on Google Play

Sorcery! 2

Continuing with this list's fantasy theme so far (don't worry, there are non-fantasy games further down), Sorcery! 2 is a cross between a “choose your own adventure” storybook, and a role-playing game. You play as a knight traversing the landscape where your progress is largely governed by your answers to various questions.
There is a lot of reading involved, but the turn-based combat system keeps things fun. The interface is lovely, as is the medieval art-style, and it features a clever save system which effectively rewinds time, letting you change your answers if you get yourself into trouble. Definitely worth a look.
androidpit sorcery 2 screenshot
Part "build you own story" and part turn-based RPG, Sorcery! 2 is unique and clever. / © inkle Ltd
Sorcery! 2 Install on Google Play

Shadowrun Returns

A favorite among the Humble Bundle squad, Shadowrun Returns is another award-winning turn-based fantasy RPG (last one, I promise!).  With a murky cyberpunk setting, great 3D graphics, and featuring a huge array of weapons, spells and abilities, Shadowrun Returns is about as polished a gaming experience as you are likely to find on Android.
It’s a murder mystery set in a futuristic Seattle city with an incredible amount of depth, including hacking mechanics, shooting, spell-casting and more. Shadowrun Returns is one of the best games currently on Android - offline or otherwise.
Shadowrun Returns features an isometric perspective like many old-school RPG's.  / © Harebrained Schemes
Shadowrun Returns Install on Google Play

World of Goo

Ahhh, World of Goo. Brilliantly designed, imaginative, clever. Despite being a few years old now, this physics-based puzzle game still holds up as one of the finest games in the Play Store. Similar to the Sega Mega Drive classic “Lemmings”, your job is to guide a group of creatures to the end of a level without killing too many of them in the process.
The challenge comes from trying to navigate through the levels, working out how best to avoid traps and obstructions. Successfully completing each stage genuinely feels like a personal victory, not just success you have achieved because you paid for an in-app item. The combination of the colorful visuals, gorgeous music and fantastic gameplay makes this a must-have.
World of Goo is one of the classic Play Store games. / © 2D BOY
World of Goo Install on Google Play

Ridiculous Fishing

Vlambeer’s award-winning fishing sim, Ridiculous Fishing, is outstanding. You play as Billy, the trigger-happy fisherman whose job is not just to catch fish, but gun them down using a variety of weapons such as handguns, shotguns, and even bazookas. Each destroyed fish will earn you some money to upgrade your weapons. But watch out for those jellyfish, because shooting them will deduct your money. Why? Who knows...
It’s not just incredibly entertaining, but the controls are great, the graphics are distinctive, and you won’t find any annoying in-app purchases here. It’s wonderful. It's offline. It's ridiculous. It's fishing.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel. But the barrel is the sky... / © Vlambeer / ANDROIDPIT
Ridiculous Fishing Install on Google Play

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is a platform puzzle game with a heavy emphasis on story. It has a minimalist design, stripped of the flashing lights and sparkle housed by many of its contemporaries on the Play Store, instead broken down into component parts with block colors and simple shapes.
The gameplay involves guiding Thomas (a small red rectangle) and his geometric buddies through a series of levels. You have to utilize each of the different shape-friends' abilities to finish the stages, making for some clever, challenging but never frustrating, puzzles.
You'll be surprised at how much you end up caring for the simple shapes onscreen; if you want a deep, funny and poignant game experience, look no further.
Thomas Was Alone may look simplistic, but it's simple and heartfelt. / © Bossa Studios Ltd
Thomas Was Alone Install on Google Play

Dumb Ways to Die 2

Dumb Ways to Die 2 is one entertaining game, full of amusing and funny graphics, which serve as a nice counterpoint to the game's dark theme. It's a similar premise to the original game - where you had to prevent cute characters from killing themselves by sticking forks in toasters, and standing in ponds filled with piranhas - but gives it an sporty 'athletics' theme. That means you'll be dealing with Dynamite Relay Races, Electric Fence Hurdles, and other idiotically dangerous activities (need we say 'Don't try this at home?').
The challenges get faster and faster, so escaping death is no easy feat. For those who play in public, be warned that sometimes you really need pretty physical to win this game, which may cause a few bewildered glares.
These funny games might seem easy at first, but it gets pretty serious when things speed up.  / © Metro Trains
Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games Install on Google Play

Temple Run 2

This game is a classic in the Play Store. Temple Run 2, like its predecessor, is an exciting endless runner where your hero dashes down a beaten jungle path. You must swipe up, down, left and right just in time to turn corners, jump over deadly traps, and slide under fallen logs among other perilous obstacles.
If you screw up, a bunch of evil and freaky-looking apes will get you. The concept is super simple, the gameplay dangerously addictive.
An Android classic! Temple Run 2 is one of the best endless racing games that exists. © Imangi Studios / ANDROIDPIT
Temple Run 2 Install on Google Play


At first glance, the game looks very simple, but once you get started, it’s clear that this game isn’t a cakewalk. In Dots, you need to combine the most amount of dots of the same color in just 60 seconds, or with the smallest amount of moves possible. You can play single-player and local multiplayer, so an internet connection isn’t needed.
Dots: A Game About Connecting Install on Google Play


This prize-winning floaty side-scroller is one of the most visually captivating games in the Play Store. You control a group of forest dwellers by holding your finger on the screen to make them glide through dark and dingy wooded areas which are full of perils and obstacles.
As well as a single player mode, there’s also a local multiplayer mode which means you don’t need internet. The free version offers 40 levels, and the paid version will tack 40 more onto that!
Glide the little forest dude past obstacles in an intriguing physics-based world. © Frogmind / ANDROIDPIT
BADLAND Install on Google Play Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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